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Milverton Christian Fellowship featuring speaker Rev. Hans Peters

I will not die! I am forgiven!

I pray that the Lord is keeping you healthy, that you are well even if isolated, that you can cope with our new at-home life, and that this Easter is ...
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Meditation The Way

The Way - What did Jesus do that last night He ate a meal with His disciples? With parts taken from Reflection by Max Lucado - Jesus Washes the Discip...
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Rescue me oh Lord!

Looking at Psalm 31:9-16 Today, we celebrate Palm Sunday… this is also the start of the church’s Holy Week… Our Scripture today is Psalm 31 and it’s o...
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Lord You Sent Me

About Psalm 23: After reading Psalm 23, what kind of thought comes to mind? It’s really familiar… I just about know it by memory… what else? … We are ...
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You have heard!

Matthew 5... In the sermon on the mount, Jesus tells us to look not only at the surface, at the outside, but also on how our Lord's commandments shoul...
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