Minds and Microphones

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Christianity is not just a set of rules and going to church. It is an entire lifestyle and it is important for Christians to differentiate religion from faith when living practical everyday lives. Rell and Neet are everyday Chrisitans living in an everyday world dealing with everyday life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you like to chat about different topics that fall under the umbrella of practical Christian living, then this podcast is for you! Just one warning, we are NOT afraid of truth and controversy!

Thankful with a Side of Opinion

We skipped a few months, but not a whole season, so join in as Rell and Neet discuss being thankful despite how different the holiday season is this y...
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What's Up With 2020?

We are back with an informal chat about all of the events that 2020 had in store for us. Of course we couldn't cover it all, but join us as we chat ab...
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Where Are You Dwelling?

Listen in as we have a real practical discussion on Psalm 91:9-10.   What does it mean for us today as we deal with the national threat of COVID-19?  
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Studying Your Bible EFFECTIVELY!

Join us as we discuss a REQUESTED TOPIC!!! How to study the Bible effectively! Check out what we think you need to know about studying and jot down Re...
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The Poor Among Us

Join us for a chat about our duty as Christians to the poor. Who's responsible? How far does our responsibility go?
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Make Sure Your Anchor Holds

As we sat to record this podcast, we heard of the tragic helicopter accident involving Kobe Bryant and 8 other people. At the time we only knew of HIS...
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Lord, Help My Unbelief

Join us as we discuss believing in God's promises and His warnings and how that impacts our day to day lives.
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