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Where the Busy BEE rests

Hey, Hi hello, everyone. The exam season is on and we know you have been pulling in an all nighter but don't you think resting is important?


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Get Set Go(al)

Yeah, I know it has been long time, because we were setting our goals. You want to set yours too, and don;t know what to do? Come listen to RJ Jays...

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A Kutty Story

Just like that a kutty caption - A Kutty Story by RJ Mohanambal Ravichandran. Tune in now!

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A very happy women's day

We can never let you miss out on any of the things that happen around us. So, we thought of bringing the most loved topics of all time - Women (no ...

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Vazhkaiyae Vazhanthaaney

Come let's learn how to have a take and a new perspective towards life, in this new freshly made episode by a fresh new voice - RJ Archana S. Tune ...

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Self Discovery

Let's talk about ourselves? Shall we? Here's RJ Nuzath Farheen with a brand new episode on how to find our true selves. Tune in now and find yourse...

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Backwards Day

To another episode packed with a lot of information and insight from RJ Harini S. Come dig deep and dive into an episode filled with so much to lea...

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Movies and Series - Ep 1 of 2024

Hey everyone! Tune into our first episode for this year. We know you missed us, we have missed you too! But not anymore cause we are back with a ba...

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Don't mention : Men's Day

Men are everywhere. But do we give them the recognition always? Do they have emotions? or are they just "men will be men?" Tune in to listen to our...

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