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Join British radio hosts Elliot Holman and Henry Hewitt as they take a look at Major League Soccer from across the pond. With analysis, predictions and debates, the pair are switching allegiances from 'football' to 'soccer' in a quest to escape the 0-0 draw. Welcome to the MLS UK Show.

S4 Episode 11: Time to Celebrate

Houston finally win, Henry gets one over Elliot with Atlanta beating Orlando, new MLS UK Show Championship Champions and a record breaking predictions...
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S4 Episode 8: Going For Gold

The lads are going for gold, the US Men's National Team win the Gold Cup... and could they have a listener who up for gold in Japan?
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S4 Episode 6: It's Coming Home?

There's a lot to catch up on after a busy June for the lads... they also look back at an eventful weekend in MLS and they ask the question, is footbal...
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S4 Episode 5: Quarterly Review

It's an important weekend for Elliot and Henry for very different reasons... and as we're a quarter of the way through MLS 2021, the lads are reviewin...
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S4 Episode 4: Great Little Team

On this episode Elliot manages to give an MLS team a back handed compliment, Henry takes us on a trip to San Jose and the lads set each other a challe...
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