Moments of Genius with Peter Roman

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An hour of sports talk and music from Peter Roman, covering the NFL, NBA, NHL, and European football leagues

The Finale

This is it. This is the final episode from your beloved genius Peter Roman. With parting words, he will leave behind a legacy of a running show of ove...
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April 15th, 2021

Let's start off with some bad news: Moments of Genius' final episode will be on April 20th. We're sad to see the the genius himself go, but look forwa...
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April 6th, 2021

Spring's coming, and you know what that means: the European Championships are coming soon! Join the genius, as he previews how it's all going to go do...
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March 31st, 2021

Alright, here's what we're gonna do: Your new coach Peter Roman's here with some advice for the Calgary Flames in the offseason. Tune in now, he's got...
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March 23rd, 2021

Attention everyone: The UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals will now be covered by Peter Roman. Your attendance is mandatory, or your day will be rui...
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March 16th, 2021

Now introducing your favourite star... Peter Roman! And the crowd goes wild! This one's featuring the NFL Free Agency and wait... more about the Champ...
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March 9th, 2021

IT'S GO TIME! All hands on deck when Peter Roman comes back around with a new episode, just for you! The main event in this one? Well, obviously the C...
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March 3rd, 2021

And he's here! The Champions League is the hot topic for this one, but Peter has some more news you'll want to stay to hear! Timestamps: 0:50 Champion...
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February 23rd, 2021

Oh no! Can you believe it? The Flames did an oopsie! So what happens now? Peter, the floor's all yours! Timestamps: 1:02 What's wrong with the Calgary...
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February 16, 2021

How's your Valentine's Day high? You good now? Great, 'cause Peter Roman is back once again with an episode all about the NHL Canadian Division and up...
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