Moore than a Podcast

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Moore Than a Podcast is a show which goes way random and gets to the bottom of various topics. From movies to games to music and television this cast of characters are here to tell it like it is.

Nintendo & Wrasslin‘!

We talk about my most favorite and exciting parts of this past Nintendo Direct and many of their reveals! We also talk professional wrestling with AEW...
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The Strange Case of Gabby Potito

In this tragic episode we go down a timeline through the unfortunate and disturbing case of Gabby Potito and her missing fiancé Brian Laundrie.  What ...
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The Return

After 2 weeks removed, I'm back to talk about all great things. From AEW All Out to Mint Mobile and Tales of Arise, this is a random episode full of f...
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Episode: 114

We talk about how I broke my brand new tablet and if insurance is a good thing to have for gadgets, how Axiom Verge 2 seems under the radar but still ...
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The War of The Words

This past week was amazing for gaming!  This show, we talk about some controversial statements that I made online and the reaction to that from Sony P...
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Big Day Game News

In such a MONSTER week of gaming news we got Skyward Sword taking over people's homes, EA announces new Battlefield and Dead Space!  We also talk abou...
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