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True crime podcast presented by a couple of rebellious sisters who love exploring the sinful side of humanity!This thrilling podcast will feature the current Top 10 murder cases of every genre. From serial killers to spouse affairs gone wrong, cruise ship murders to highway hit and runs, Jack the Ripper to Ted Bundy, this podcast is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!Morbid Madam's will air every Wednesday and Friday. We’re super excited to start our journey into the true crime podcast world. Stay tuned because this is one podcast you’re not going to want to miss! We’ll see you on the air!

FRENEMIES: Meredith Kercher

The episode is about the tragic unsolved murder of a young women names Meredith Kercher. She was an outstanding young woman, when you life was cut sho...
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FRENEMIES:Mirna Salihin

The "Coffee Killer"This episode is about Mirna Salihin and her life was ended too soon. Sources:
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16 year old Cassie Jo murdered by two male class mates. A very terrifying case about a girl who was brutally murdered by two of her fellow classmates....
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This case covers the murder of Missy Avila and the way her beautiful life came to a tragic end at the hand of her best friends.Source:
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This case is a little bit different type of Frenemies. Dana was a loving mother to three beautiful triplets, she was a hard worked who loved everythin...
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Bobby Kent was tragically murder by a group of 7 friends, including his best friend since he was seven. This case was all over the news in 1993, in We...
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FRENEMIES: Skyler Neese

Episode three in our 10 part series of Frenemies this story is about a young girl name Skyler Neese who is 16 years old and had her life brutally take...
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FRENEMIES: Ronald V Bettig

RONALD V BETTIGOn August 15th 2016, 56 year old Ronald V Bettig was reported missing to authorities but was he really missing?! Join us as we dive in ...
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FRENEMIES: Jason Sweeney

Top Ten Frenemies  The murder of Jason Sweeney, a sweet 16 year old construction worker from Fishtown, Pennsylvania lost his life to a group of teens ...
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