Morbid Possessions

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On this podcast we cover true crime, all things macabre, horror movies, urban legends, etc. Stay tuned as we create our own store and dive into the world of podcasts!

Ep. 9 Manson Family Murders

Alma and Lauren discuss Charles Manson's background and the Manson Family murders that occurred in 1969. This story involves the hippie counter-cultur...
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Ep. 8 A Christmas Nightmare

Alma and Lauren discuss Bruce McArthur, the mall santa who terrorized the gay Toronto region and murdered immigrants. It's a christmas nightmare! --- ...
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Ep. 7 Who Got Possessed?!

Lauren and Alma discuss the Ammons home, a home that was allegedly infested with over 200 demons. They also discuss "Demon House" by Zak Bagans and hi...
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Ep. 6 The Cross-Dressing Cannibal

Alma and Lauren discuss the mind-blowing case of The Cross-Dressing Cannibal Hadden Irving Clark. Listen to this episode and learn about how he checks...
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Ep. 5 Toy Box Killer

Alma and Lauren discuss the twisted ways of David Parker Ray '' The Toy Box Killer''. Discover the sick and disgusting ways he drugged and tortured wo...
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Ep. 4 Unsolved Mysteries

Alma and Lauren discuss unsolved mysteries. They also give an update on true crime news. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to...
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Ep. 3 The FLDS Cult

Alma and Lauren discuss cult leader Warren Jeffs. They discuss his wicked ways and his exploitation of innocent members in the cult. --- This episode ...
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Ep. 2 La Bestia

Alma and Lauren discuss prolific serial killer Luis Garavito A.K.A. "La Bestia". This episode is so sickening you're sure to vomit. --- This episode i...
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Ep. 1 A Halloween Extravaganza

Alma and Lauren discuss the Michael Myers origin story. Lauren reveals her feelings about who? --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest ...
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