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Carol and Gracie Marks, a mother/daughter podcast duo bringing humor and dishing up talk while hoping to learn more about each other and grow closer together by sharing their generational views on pop culture, the news, relationships, and the melodrama of their every day lives.

Lifestyle and Beauty

Am I a Lifestyle blogger/podcaster or what? What is a Lifestyle Blogger anyway? I found out and I am not it.So, what are my interests anyway? Oh, and ...
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Selfie, Change Your Outlook

Started reading a new book titled Take Yourself Selfie Seriously. I chat about the first chapter here.Buy the book Support the show (https://www.buyme...
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New Projects

I’m so excited to have a new project, listen to find out what it is. Support the show (
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Welcome Back!

Hi there my little love bunnies!! I’m back!! Combining two podcasts into one. Updating you on my life, a little. I held back some info for future epis...
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Life Update

What’s going on podcast world? This is me, giving a life update on what’s happening in my life. I have not been putting up episodes only because I’ve ...
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Was She an Angel?

In this episode a share an incident with you when I was a child and had a head injury and seeing an angel.  Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee...
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Gun Control and.....

It's Monday so that means a topic about what is happening in the nation. And The Gent joins in again. It's becoming a regular thing for The ...
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The Road Not Taken

No, I am not going to critique Robert Frost's poem. But I am going to share with you my thoughts on my personal life and my decisions that I did ...
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Cash Money and Loafering

The Gent joins in again and this time we are talking generational pet peeves and loafering. Carrying cash and how to give change back correctly.Math s...
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