More Than Baseball

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We're full of puns, bad language, and a sunny view of sports in San Diego. Mainly baseball, but we also talk Gulls, AAF, NFL, NHL, LAX, and more!

Padres Twitter Flak

Antonio Browns conspiracy!!! Football is back, will you survive??? Padres twitter is an odd bunch. How was your weekend? plus we forgot to talk about ...
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Unlucky Luck

Softball Shenanigans, Hot as balls here, Red Sox and Padres, Players weekend was lame, Luck cuts it short, XFL conspiracy!!!!
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Its A Hard Knock Life

Green has no spine, how jake and jessica met, Trauts new lover, Joey Fuego is the best?, FOOTBALL!!!!   @Team_Thrash @Mechajam
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Suck my Dickerson

Welcome back Urias!!! A new member of the F You list. Dickerson, who cares? AB is full of hot air.  THE CLAW!!!!
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Cheap Shots

We talk about Padres second half, Lucroy v Marisnick, NFL, Melvin Gordon, Hard Knocks, Basketball for some reason, All Star Game, and more!   @Team_Th...
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#21 Fun-demental Baseball

Where has OBrien been? How much wick could a which witch wick if a wick witch could which wick? Padres talk. Some basketball. More baseball. James suc...
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#20 I got the Blues

Softball FIGHT!! Lame all stars, Padres no stars, Paddack goes down, Hedges sucks, womens soccer? really? NBA finals are dumb, Blues win the cup and J...
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#19 Log Jammin

We welcome back Matt Traut again to help us out (@Mechajam), Jake forgets to do adds, What to do with Wil, Too many outfielders, Vegas baby Vegas!, Ho...
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#18 Trade Bait

We talk one quarter of the season, Save City, Grades for everyone, Padres being Padres, Kinsler Fucks San Diego, Trade Bait, AAF preview of the end, F...
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