Mormon Quotes - A Short Faithful Devotional Podcast

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Mormon Quotes is a short 1-5 minute devotional podcast focused around thoughtful, inspirational and sometimes challenging quotes for an LDS audience.

Mother, Father, Give Me Vision

  “Father, Mother, help me piece together the contradictions of my life: White cotton, red satin, brown polka dot; torn Sunday dress, Navajo rug, fray...
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We Must Cherish One Another

  “We must cherish one another, watch over one another, comfort one another and gain instruction that we may all sit down in heaven together.” Lucy Ma...
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Love Each Other Better

  “In exercising charity, we come to know a sister’s heart. When we know a sister’s heart, we are different. We won’t judge her. We will simply love h...
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Focused On The Pure And Simple

  “The work of Relief Society is focused on the pure and simple part of the gospel, to develop faith and bear testimony; to render compassionate servi...
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When We Are Honest In All Things

  This episode is focused on the following quote. “When we are honest in all things, big and small, we experience peace of mind and a clear conscience...
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