Morning Coffee With Allen

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I sit down with various guest, and by myself sometimes, to drink some coffee and talk about whatever comes up. This podcast will make you feel like you’re in a coffee shop “shootin’ the bull” with some friends. Support this podcast:


In this podcast the quarantine boredom overtakes me and I give you guys my OPINION on this whole ordeal. Again, this is just my personal opinion so do...
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Shooting the shit with Cartaya

My buddy Cartaya and myself talk about the military and our workout with Cole Hyde in my truck on the way to grab some coffee from Lighthouse Coffee a...
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MCWA - I love America

On this episode I sit down with myself and ramble a little about why America is so great. Yeah, I forgot a lot of things but don't worry, there will b...
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MCWA - Useless Facts

I read off some useless facts and struggle on pronouncing some words in this one.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make ...
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MCWA - Solo

This podcast was thrown together last minute because I lost the audio in the one I originally recorded and wanted to post. This is just defining my st...
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MCWA - Country Music and Shit

Today I have a very good friend and talented musician Josh Maziarz and my cousin Austin Dukes on to bull shit about country music. I mean real country...
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MCWA - Pilot

This is the introduction to my podcast. I attempt to clarify my intentions moving forward with future podcast. I realize the overall quality is not th...
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