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Expecting too much out of people since 2017

Episode 104: Quick As You Can

We are playing a game this week in the Soup. Of course, comedy ensues....featuring lots of bathroom humor. Our apologies....maybe. Enjoy Souperfans!! ...
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Episode 102: Cash and Chicken

The latest edition of the Soup is available for consumption. Bungled robberies. Humongous poo. Whiny Americans. These and many other topics are discus...
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Episode 101: Unsolicited Opinions

This time around, we are going outside our norm and ranting a bit....or a lot....about the modern political environment. If that doesn't sound like yo...
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Episode 100: Sugar What???

Episode 100 of the Soup is upon us. This time around we discuss some crazy town names, the newest black market item, and also some random conversation...
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Episode 99: Lord Coldermort

Scottish snow plows, random potatoes and 90's rock. And that, my friends is a Motley Soup. Join us on this adventure on our 99th episode. Enjoy Souper...
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Episode 95: Lots of Greivancing

We are airing some more grievances on this episode of the Soup!! Also...did you know there is a toy Hall of Fame??? We are talking about that as well!...
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