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Two, Three, sometimes five dummies talk movies, tv, books and video games.

Episode 267 - Nine Perfect Lassos

Joe, Shannon, and Angela discuss Ted Lasso (of course)... but also Y: The Last Man, The Morning Show, Harry Potter, and more!!!  Thanks for listening!...
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Episode 265 - The Next Karate Kid

This week we discuss the attempted reboot of the franchise we've been talking about. It was financially a flop, but was it any good? Who knows!!?? Tha...
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Episode 264 - Karate Kid Part III

This week we talk about the crap fest that was Karate Kid Part III..... geez, did I give it away how we feel? Oh smell, we had a lot of fun talking ab...
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Episode 260 - The Karate Kid

Was 1984 really that long ago? Sheesh, after watching this movie it definitely feels like it. But the important thing is, what did y'all think? --- Se...
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