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Are you feeling like you are going nowhere ? Do you feel stuck in the same place? I can help you to answer these questions and how to progress? Let's develop new ways of thinking.

What is leverage ?

Hi guys in today's podcast, I am discussing a strategy that it is used by BIG Corporations and your boss. Now it's your turn to learn it and Get more ...
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Motivation Hacks

Hi guys, thanks for listening and don't forget to follow me under @mrcruz_mtl via instagram, twitter, sound cloud In this podcast I share with your 4 ...
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Why helping others is important

Hi, Amazing people, In today's menu, we have a small interview with my dear friend Simra Baig, in this interview, she tells us that a way for her to b...
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Gratitude over all

Hi guys, Mr. Cruz on cruise control. today  I am talking about gratitude and the benefits that it has.  Thank you for listening and giving me feedback...
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Understand Progress and Succeed

Hi Guys, Today I am talking about Progress and how this will help you in your everyday live.  For those starting classes now it is worth to know this ...
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