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This is the official podcast for Mr. Krueger’s 8th grade geography class! This is a collection of lessons and observations that are meant to be a resource for students who want to revisit a lesson or were absent.


Sorry that you had to take test on the computer today, but tomorrow will be better!
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October 8, 2019

Today we finished up our cultural murals project! After we take the CTP test tomorrow we'll be reviewing for our first unit test next week Monday! Her...
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September 25th- An Update!

I'm trying to do better about letting you know what is going on! This episode talks about where we've been over the past few days!  1. Location and Pl...
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September 17

Monday we took note on the difference between location and place in terms of geography. Location is strictly the WHERE... like an address or a room nu...
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September 9-11!

Just wanted to update you on what we've been working on this week in geography! On Monday we took our continents and oceans quiz which we rocked then ...
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September 4th and 5th!

So far our only two assignments have been done in class and they are the paragraph based on the Joseph Campbell quote, "the cave you fear to enter hol...
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9-3-19: The First Day of School

Today I went through a presentation about myself and what my expectations are for the students. Will pass out the syllabus and curriculum guide in the...
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Welcome to Room 508!

This is the first episode of the podcast for my geography class at SHPA! Where students can listen to daily lessons and key info they need to be succe...
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