MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

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The Strange, Dark and Mysterious delivered in podcast format.

Episode 4 -- "You're Dead"

In 1992, a young mother received a package in the mail that had no return address on it. When she brought it inside her house and opened it up, she fo...
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Episode 3 -- "Scream"

In 1990, two college students, who lived together in an apartment, suddenly stopped communicating with their friends and families. After a few days of...
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Episode 2 -- "The Hallway"

In 2011, a young woman opened the door to her place of work, a sporting apparel store in Washington DC, and immediately realized something was wrong. ...
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Episode 1 -- "The Plot"

In 2002, a very unlikely witness came forward to give the Everett Washington police some shocking information about a missing person. It was the break...
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MrBallen Podcast Trailer

Hello fans of the Strange, Dark and Mysterious delivered in story format! Our first podcast episode will go live on the morning of February 14th, and ...
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