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What are the four most iconic...anythings? The Mt. Rushmore Podcast seeks to answer these questions. Join Jeff, Michael and Richard as they argue and debate what are the most definitive examples of everything, from the Mt. Rushmore of Bad Movie Accents to the Mt. Rushmore of Months.

Mt. Rushmore of Panics

Panic in the streets of London! And a lot of other places Morrissey didn't even namecheck. This week we're discussing some of the panics that caused p...
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Mt. Rushmore of the Ramones

As a wise man (Lemmy) once said, the Ramones can't play no high school dance, but they played pretty much everywhere else in a career that spanned thr...
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Mt. Rushmore of Lazy Sundays

We don't have a clever rap song this week, but what we do have are takes on what is the best way to spend a lazy Sunday. Maybe you'll make listening t...
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Mt. Rushmore of Sports Ejections

This week, we review some of our favorite sports ejections from hokey disguises to chairs being thrown across basketball courts all willy-nilly. SHOW ...
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Mt. Rushmore of Circus Acts

Everyone loves the circus! We love to be amazed at the talents of the performers under the big top and this week we're looking at some of the most ico...
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