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05.17.20 Living Answers

All of Peter's encouragement and challenge in his letter has led to two important questions for every believer: "Is Jesus the Lord of your life?" The ...
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05.10.20 Living Examples

With a strong living hope, and a calling to living holy as living stones, Peter urges his readers to "walk their talk" when it comes to their professi...
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05.03.20 Living Stones

As we continue our series in 1 Peter, we turn from "living hope" and "living holy" toward what it means to be "living stones." What if God is using th...
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04.26.20 Living Holy

Is HOPE a noun, or can it be a verb? Join us as we look deeper into 1 Peter to discover that living hope isn't just a gift we received, but an action ...
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04.19.20 Start Living Hope

Today we turn our thoughts from fear and defeat to HOPE. What it means to live as people of the resurrection. It is more than an event to be celebrate...
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04.12.20 You Will See Him

Join us this Easter Sunday for a wonderful time of worship and breaking open God's Word as we prepare to celebrate the risen Christ. Further Adult stu...
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