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This music marketing podcast is aimed at helping Music Producers, Artists, Musicians and Record Labels better market themselves and their businesses. I have specials guests on the podcast to discuss a vast range of topics related to music production and the business of music advertising. My guests will share their experiences and business advice that is is actionable. I want to shore my knowledge and my experience to those coming up in the music industry. I hope you enjoy it. -- Email: FB: Ecue Productions On Facebook SOUNDCLOUD: EP on Tel: 203-433-2090

Episode 11

People waste too much time looking for motivation in all the wrong places. All the Gurus, and the self help packages won't help you stay motivated. I ...
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Episode 10

This week’s Topics: I discuss the need or lack thereof in making a case of: Should i try to get signed to a major label? Should i get a manager? Do i ...
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Episode 9

This week's topics: All About Facebook Advertising This week, I discuss everything Facebook Ads. I talk about creating custom and lookalike audiences,...
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Episode 8

In today's episode I talk about the things you can do to market yourself. Topics covered:  Do more Live shows, even if you're a producer Do social, bu...
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Episode #7

Episode #7 - Business Tools: I discuss the tools I use to run my business, whether Music Company, My Design business or doing advertising and marketi...
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Episode 6

This Week's Topic : Producer's Block I discuss how to overcome Producer's Block and how to know when it' time to walk away and take a break. I share t...
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Episode 4

In this episode i get super in-depth about networking at business events as well as online. How you approach a new contact will dictate how your relat...
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Episode 2

Topics:   Where do i Start? How to decide what you want to do in your career? "I don’t have money to get started!" How to start building your business...
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