Musically Illiterate With Georgia Gove

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Georgia Gove doesn’t know much about music. Every week, she listens with her guest to their favorite album, and then they talk about it!

Is A Real Boy with Jaime Carbone

This week, I talk to my friend, Jaime Carbone, about the album Is A Real Boy by Say Anything. We talk about anxiety, scrubs, and the saddest movies we...
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Pretty. Odd. with Bee Newman

This week, I talk to my friend, Bee Newman, about the album Pretty Odd. by Panic! At The Disco. We talk about theology, being in your twenties, and fr...
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Lulu with Logan Nielsen

This week, I talk to my friend, Logan Nielsen, about the album Lulu by Lou Reed and Metallica. We talk about ambrosia, beef people, and bad theatrical...
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