Musings of Suta

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'Musings of Suta' a first of its kind podcast brought to you by Sujata & Taniya. We are the creators of 'Suta', a sustainable clothing brand. This is a Saree Podcast every saree lover must listen to. We sisters will be talking about our love for sarees and bringing you our stories. If you love sarees, please do tune in and visit our website at ''.

Ep 9: Ghar - Ek Sukoon, Ek Ehsaas

In this episode, we talk about the emotion around the word ‘Ghar’. We talk about how our father’s frequent transfers made us realize some important fa...
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Ep 7: We’re back with Season 2!

We’re so overwhelmed with all the love you all have showered on Musings of Suta! Our podcast journey so far has been so beautiful and rewarding, and i...
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