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Gender Theology for the gospel empowerment of men and women

Women & Poverty

Poverty. When poverty is a variable, a number of other power deficits and abuses can follow. In this episode, Blake & Erin go through the stats, local...
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Mutualism and Current Events

Southern Baptist megachurch - Saddleback Church & Portland Non-Denom church - Imago Dei, both switched over to ordaining and affirming the full partic...
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Intimacy and Emerging Adults

It's been a minute, but Blake and Erin are back with a NEW EPISODE! Blake interviews our very own Erin Moniz on the eve of her finished doctoral thesi...
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S2 E14: Season Two Wrap-up

Join hosts Erin Moniz and Blake Dean as they reminisce on this season of stories and lessons! They walk through some of the best moments and most memo...
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S2 E12: Redeeming Paul - Part 2

After a so many episodes of Blake referencing her work, Dr. Cynthia Westfall is finally a guest on the show! Join hosts Blake and Erin and guest Dr. C...
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