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A podcast with three professional semi-pro novice wannabe comedians, Josh, Tai, and Samuel, trying to make their way through this world, and talking about whatever comes to mind.

Episode 16 - Shambles

Josh, Samuel, and his brother Joe, relax and discuss stories from the past week and other stories somehow involving Joe. Intro: Dreams - None of This ...
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Episode 15 - The Interview

The boys, without Samuel, but instead with Umber again, somehow snag an interview a big influential figure from New York. Intro: Dreams - None of This...
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Episode 13 - A Perfect World

The fellas, without Samuel, yet again, recite an ancient play, and come up with the perfect country to live in. Intro: Dreams - None of This is Real b...
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Episode 12 - Gayer By The Day

The fellas without Sam, enlist the help of Umber and Rachel I guess to discuss the greatness of UFOs, politics, and some other stuff maybe. Intro: Dre...
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Episode 11 - Tai's Other Hole

The three fellas reflect on the long week they've had and discuss why holes can in fact not be all that great. Intro: Dreams - None of This is Real by...
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Episode 10 - Coming Out

The fellas finally come out as them true selves, a truly surprising thing and wonderful thing. music: Dreams - None of This is Real by DJ Rozwell http...
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Episode 9 - Tai's Hole

The boys with new guest Rachel discuss some virus, some holes, some sports, and some whistle that Josh really likes.
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Episode 7 - Beer Review

The boys drink and review the fine beverages Tai brought back from Quebec, and then discuss whatever they want.
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