My Daughter's (Not) LOST!

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Just a cheeky, funny podcast where one father and his ten-year-old daughter discover their love for that iconic show LOST.

EP13: Special

In this episode, Chloe hopes for Walt to kill Shannon! Also, we hate on Walt's mom! What fun. This is a hilarious trip. I apologize for the one-month ...
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EP12: Hearts and Minds

In this episode, Chloe's really hating on Boone and always! It's great. Trust me, this is one you won't want to avoid! Enjoy.
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EP9: Raised by Another

Well, we don't even know what to type about this particular episode. Lots of unpredictability on our LOST pod. When you listen, you will see. I (Noah)...
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EP8: Solitary

In this Sayid-centric episode, we have an elaborate (and dorky) discussion about how Sayid should've handled that standoff. Chloe thinks he should hav...
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EP6: The Moth

Chloe wishes that Charlie simply stays drug-free. And, well, don't we all? By the way, SORRY about the delay! We're ready to continue. No more MDNL de...
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