My Last Damn Nerve Podcast

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this is a podcast about everything from are point of view


Special guest in the building N847 here to talk about his new album w420fm and other topics as always enjoy the conversation and remember to follow an...
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Hip hop ain't ask you!!!!!!

On this week's installment of the pod the guys talk about a number of topics that has happened in the last month since they have been on a Hiatus for ...
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On this week's installment of my last damn nerve podcast the guys touch on a bunch of different topics and crack jokes so sit in and enjoy 
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Dreamcast and popsicles

On today pod we joined by a special guest jayvone simmons we talked to him about starting a t-shirt business 
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Maintain interview

On this installment of the podcast we join miskeen and cj as they interview maintain underground hip hop artist from Elgin 
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