My Voice Sucks

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A show with people who have to listen to the sound of their own voice. We'll talk about other things too.

Jefferson's Bed W/ Seamus Millar

The Yards got a history lesson from Seamus Millar in this episode. We talk who is buried in Philadelphia, what they would think of a sign at a certain...
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Comedian, Musician and Podcaster George Brudermann joined us to talk about puns, music and certain celebrities who allegedly murdered a guy. You can f...
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Rudy in the War

Philadelphia comedian Casey Kuftic joined Scott and Dan for an episode where we talk about short-shorts, Tucker Carlson, running and everyone's favori...
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Finders Keepers

Welcome back, yards! Some exciting news. We have a patreon now. For $1 a month you can listen to an extra episode and Dan shaking his head and Scott l...
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Impossible Broccoli

The president is playing video games and a certain chain restaurant may be doing the impossible with everyone's least favorite vegetable. Finances are...
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Wide In Circumference

This is a poop heavy episode, folks. The truth is revealed. We go where the mainstream media will not. Please listen until the end for very important ...
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Never Stop Stocking

Scott is not a financial advisor and Dan got too excited over sports betting. We also wonder what kind of rules Dennis Rodman has to follow when he go...
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Like A German Dinner

A lot of poo talk on this one, folks. The stock market is going crazy, Scott and Dan are pooping, and chain pizza is disgusting.
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Double Duty

There's a new president in town. Dan can't pronounce thesaurus. Scott waited until the end to bring up a very important issue that is of high interest...
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