Mythical: Pokémon-Inspired DnD Role Playing Podcast

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Mythical is an actual play Pokémon-inspired Dungeons & Dragons podcast! It is broken down into smaller seasons where new listeners can pick up quickly, but older audiences can still feel invested in the creation of our worlds. Seasons 1 and 3 were streamed live on, and this is the audio version of our episodes. Season 2 was recorded at 2016 Gen Con. Seasons 4 and 5 were recorded locally with the crew. It's important to note that each Season is self-contained and you do NOT need to listen to Season 1 to enjoy later Seasons. Mythical is presented to you by and the people who create "It's Super Effective."

Mythical is Back

Mythical is back! The folks over at Dungeons & Randomness and us did a one-shot together called “Caverns & Charizards”! We recorded this back in early...
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Season 05, Episode 06 – Ingest

Episode 06 of Loopholes & Litwicks (Season 5). The gang continues their drinking game to gain more information. SBJ tries to distract and help out by ...
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