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Episode 23: kaNO Kid x N3rd Link

With his background in animation kaNO Kid was primed to be part of the vinyl toy scene and already has created a handful of original vinyl toys (Money...
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Episode XX: Back at it again!

Episode 20 of the N3rd Link Podcast is up! Have a listen!! It’s been a while but the N3rd Link podcast is up again.  We apologize for some of the audi...
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Episode 19: Blown By Geoff

We are back for episode 19!  If you are returning thanks for listening!  We really appreciate all the support! Here are some of the things we covered ...
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Episode 16: Good vs. Evil

Episode 16 of the N3rd Link podcast is up for your listening pleasure! Some of the topics we talk about: -Battle of the Mascots Good v. Evil custom Bl...
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Int3rview Pt 3: J★Ryu x N3rdlink

Huge Thank You goes out to J★Ryu for talking with us.  It was a blast talking with him.  I hope all the listeners were able to learn something new fro...
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