Naked Jews and Neo-Hippies

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We talk to our friends about current events, including art, politics, religion, popular culture, or anything else we find interesting.

Ssn 2, Ep 16 (Atheism is Retarded)

Inspired by my roommate's comment and the language of the reprehensible people at Fox News, we decided to name this episode "Atheism is Retarded." My ...
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Ssn 2, Ep 14 (Dan the Cannon)

Dan the Cannon (@DanTheCannon), host of professional wrestling podcasts Week In Review ( and The Impact Players (
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Ssn 2, Ep 13 (Leanor the Girl)

Leanor Inez Ortega Till (aka Jeff The Girl) of Five Iron Frenzy returns to our podcast. We talk to her about how things have been for the band since t...
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