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The Namaslay® podcast is an extension of the YogaByCandace® blog. Namaslay is a life philosophy that marries the old world yogic principles of Namaste with new world can-do attitude of the word Slay. It's about living a life pulsating with kindness, joy, conviction, and strength. You can expect weekly episodes full of information and inspirational content to fuel your life both on and off the yoga mat in the name of self-growth.

How Mindset Matters Most

This is the last episode of this season of the Namaslay® Podcast to be published on our usual platforms. Next week we’ll share one more bonus episode ...
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It's a Quarantine Miracle

In this week's episode, Candace and Dan talk about getting back on their morning routines to feel better throughout the day, what it takes to be succe...
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Crisis in Quarantine

You may notice this episode is a day late, and that's due to some flooding in Candace and Dan's home this weekend. In today’s podcast, they discuss th...
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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Being in this quarantine time has us reminiscing on past trips, so for today’s podcast she sat down (virtually) with friends Dan and Lucy Neely to tal...
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