Nate Hates Boring People

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Nate Interviews various people from his life and forces them to justify their existence to him through a defense of their life experiences and competencies.

4:Josh Popoola Likes Sports

Josh and I discuss the finer points of Sports fandom, Sports politics, and encompassing aspects. Stay tuned to the end for Josh's thoughts on alternat...
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3:Sean Hinchee Talks Computers

Sean and I discuss programming and the current technological distopia brought on by well meaning programmers. We also touch on Communism and other sav...
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2:Ben Whittington Talks Politics

Ben and I discuss the finer points of Imperialism and politics in this day and age as well as what it was like for him growing up in the South side of...
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1:Matt Banwart talks comedy

Matt and I discuss the finer points of starting a stand up comedy career in Ames Iowa as well as our experiences doing internships last summer.
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