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Audio guide to works from the NGA exhibition Home Sweet Home: Works from the Peter Fay collection, shown at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 11 October 2003 – 18 January 2004

Val SUTHERLAND, Shell doll 2000

PF: Val is a New Zealand artist who lives in the sort of hinterland of the North Island, and almost through a rural isolation and very straightened ci...
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Slim BARRIE, Lady driver 2000

PF: A very great friend of mine, Nigel Lenden, found one of Slim’s boats in an op-shop in Lakes Entrance, and he rang me immediately and said ‘I’ve fo...
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Ricky SWALLOW, Clockman 1998

PF: I’d gone into Darren Knight Gallery, and this tiny piece high up on the wall, just so tiny and vulnerable, and yet I actually didn’t know the refe...
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Ken BOTTO, Deep shadows 1983

PF: I was travelling through the United States and had stopped off in San Francisco, and there was an art fair on at the hotel I was staying in. So, I...
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Ken WHISSON, Dark sail 1967

PF: I suppose it was through Rosalie that I really got to look at these Ken Whissons and just adored them; they were fantastic. I eventually met Ken, ...
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Noel McKENNA, Lost, Heathcliff 2001

PF: Here is this dog… someone’s pet… lost. And what Noel has done here is to recreate in paint the dynamic of the poster, mainly that which has come i...
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Dallas BRAY, Hairy man 1992

PF: Dallas would primarily be a visual artist; a painter, but every now and again he’s made models, and in an age today of model-making, they are very...
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