National Gallery of Australia | Audio Tour | The National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition 2005

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Audio guide to works from the The National Sculpture Prize and Exhibition shown at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 15 July – 9 October 2005

James ANGUS, Manta ray 2003

I wanted to capture an aspect of natural history in a state of suspended animation. I was hoping it might be beautiful, but also sad, as if the softwa...
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Craig WALSH, Cross-reference 2004

Cross-reference continues a series of interventionist works that address the public, private and transitional aspects of both the gallery space and ot...
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Neil TAYLOR, Virtual hermetic 2003

The use of wire combines the evocative power of drawing with the actual presence of form. The interior as well as the exterior is illustrated and a he...
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Paul SELWOOD, Turbulence 2004

Turbulence started as an idea to model the sky. To try and turn the sky into an object. To identify vectors and work ‘infinite’ space into a closed sy...
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Patrick HALL, Stack 2005

My older sister would, in a three-dimensional Superman comic sort of typeface, loudly proclaim her ownership by writing her name over and over on her ...
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