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Welcome Nerd Goggles Podcast, where I talk about what's on my bookshelf from the past, present and future. And some other stuff that pops in my head. Visit the blog for show links at

NGP Episode 54 - The Stand

Recorded many many months ago on my 2014 Macbook (I have since purchased a 2021 M1 model). Then forgotten about this "lost" Nerd Goggles episode is no...
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NGP Episode 50 - Hot Dog Girl

On the cusp of 2020 NGP has hit an epic milestone of 50 episodes. Let's celebrate this and the end of the 2019 with:      Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dug...
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NGP 49 - The Poet X

Hello again! This episode I talk about my vacation, touch on and hopefully don't spoil some movies. The main event:          The Poet X by Elizabeth A...
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NGP 48 - Death Threat

In this 2019 premiere episode I cover listener feed back, shows I went to, movies I've seen and TV shows. As well as the main event which became super...
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NGP 45 - Giant Days Vol 1

First episode of 2018, after a long hiatus, fills you with commentary on reboots, concerts, a movie, pedestrians and of course the flavor of the day: ...
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