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Nerd This, Not That is a podcast where two friends talk about what's going on in nerd and geek culture.

Episode 15: Flat Earth

Sorry about the delay but here is episode 15. Jarrod and Alex talk about the theory that the world is flat.
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Episode 14: The Puncast/ Toys R us

This week Alex and Jarrod talk about everyone’s favorite type of joke Puns! They also talk about the sad news about toys r us. RIP Toys R usPlease giv...
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Episode 11: Black Panther Vibin'

Alex and Jarrod talk about vibranium and the new marvel movie Black Panther.In RPG corner they boys finish their investigation in Dasher's Ridge.  Ple...
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Episode 10: Bird Smarts

This week Alex and Jarrod talk about the intelligence of birds. In RPG corner the guys continue their investigation in Dasher's Ridge. News: http://ww...
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Episode 9: Altered Carbon

This week Alex and Jarrod are joined by their friend Matt to talk about the new Netflix show Altered Carbon. They also go over why Jarrod hates the ne...
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Episode 8: Super Carbon Feet

Alex and Jarrod talk about the environmental impact of super heroes this week. Alex also gushes about Subnatica. News:
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Episode 6: Netflix & Chill

This week Alex and Jarrod talk about netflix and other streaming services. They go off on tangets like normal. They finally recorded Monster of the We...
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