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A comedy podcast! Hosted by comedians Adam Nutter and Neil Wood. All of fandom and nerdom have let up to this podcast. You will witness Adam Nutter, an all around nerds nerd. Producer Evan, a mild-manner tech guy with a deep love of video games and 90's nostalgia. Then, there is Neil, he doesn't know anything really and gets-off on Nerds explaining things to him. That's right, the phrase, "Um, actually," gets him randy. Follow along as they bring on fellow comedians and creators to discuss what they are nerdy about and explore any new nerdom that pops up! Twitter: @NerdsWithWords1 FB: Instagram: @nerds.with.words Email: Adam Nutter: Instagram: @adamnutter Twitter: @AdamNutter Facebook: @AdamNutterComedy Neil Wood: Instagram: @iamneilwood Twitter: @neilwoodcomedy Facebook: @neilwoodcomedy

Cult of Us #249 - Filipino Milk

Today on the Cult, we recap our visit to durag and deertag podcast. The cult drank breast milk cut with fireball. This leads to the age old question "...
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Episode #248 - Texas Black Meat

Today on the Cult, Adam recaps his Texas trip, he explains his TSA fiasco getting to Texas. We ask Adam if Mr. Horton is an active bigfoot hunter. He ...
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Episode #247 - Dubbed Step

Today on the Cult, Neil's dog was threaten in the streets of Philly. Adam encountered one of the last toxic male in his neighborhood. Neil argues ...
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Episode #246 - Pizza Roll Man

Today on the Cult, we talk about the state of the cult. Adam shows us a Tik Tok that made him cry. Jesse challenges Adam on Star Wars knowledge. Adam ...
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Episode #245 - Saturday Sucked

Today on the Cult, Neil is ready to go hiking and talks about his upcoming hiking trip. The cult mentions how their Saturday sucked and how much they ...
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Episode #243 - Spelling Be

Today on the Cult, We open the show with Neil witnessing a lathe machine accident in real time. Adam is hiring a betting team to bet efficiently. Neil...
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Episode #242 - Kick It!!

Today on the Cult, Neil coming in hot with his CEO hair cut, we discuss the difference between doing high school sports and playing high school sports...
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Episode #241 - Commie Candy

Today on the Cult, Neil reminds Adam he is still temporary president and he needs a doctor's note to reclaim his presidency over the cult. The cul...
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Episode #240 - DurrdeeDeedz

Today on the Cult, we have Dorian Vasquez from the "Deedz Rants" and "Crappy Club for Jerks" We open up the show talking about how we communicate with...
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