Never Heard It

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We've never heard it!

Episode 127: Pole 'N' Go

Welcome back to the show. This week we brave tornadic, seismic and allergic events to bring you the program. We gotta start making heavier macaroni an...
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Episode 126: Gucci Sweat Band

Welcome back. We start this week out with some good business tips. Then we talk about Gucci sweat bands, Kiss Me Thru the Phone, The Walking Dead, and...
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Episode 125: Hot House Tomato

This week we have cheese receipts, the 400 pound plateau, corn (as always), produce stands, and a discussion of our own personal Hells. We listen to J...
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Episode 124: T-Pain

The show is called Never Heard It. Shout out Alex’s aunt Brenda. We learn the meaning of the term “bando.” How come vending machines don’t take checks...
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Episode 122: Whisperwall

It’s a weird, haunted episode. We think a horse might have collapsed outside of the studio. Ninjuries. A Steak ’n’ Shake faux pas. Turbulent times. Wh...
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Episode 121: Taylor Swift

We have a common core cigarette lesson. You ever get bored and drive to Cleveland? We’re going to take up horseback riding, we think. It takes about s...
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Episode 120: Heavy Rotation Part 6

Jonathan Taylor Thomas for President. We introduce you to our friend Randall Thompson. We were too late for Parler so that sucks. It’s a weird week so...
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Episode 119: John Mayer Part 4

Rock talk. Senior night. Cleveland Browns. Hulk Hogan. Home economics. Brains. Legislation. Pasta at the edge of the world. John Mayer. ENJOY. Check o...
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Episode 118: John Mayer Part 3

This week we have an update on Alex’s mustache. A discussion of flashers, and the legalities around sexual acts at Applebee’s. What did real Americans...
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