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Hear the latest messages from Justin Chambers, Lead Pastor of New Song Church in Plymouth, Indiana.

Not Such A Wonderful Life Week 1

In this series, Pastor Justin will be teaching about discontentment and how to overcome it to live a life of gratitude and satisfaction in Christ.
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Project Rescue

Dr. David Grant Speaks to New Song Church about Project Rescue, a ministry rescuing children out of the sex trafficking trade around the world.
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Songs In The Desert

Pastor David Pleasant from Ft. Myers, FL teaches about worshiping in the most difficult moments.
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My Biggest Enemy Week 5

In the series finale, Pastor Justin ties everything together with teaching us that God's disposition towards us is always the same; He is for us. When...
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Choices Week 3

Regret is the evidence of a bad choice. To live a life with no regrets, we must choose success over self-indulgence, the important over the immediate,...
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