News of the Doomed

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The internet's most Shadenfreude-iest show is on the air.  Comedians Tim Powers and Sax Carr find real news stories from real news outlets about real people doing real stupid things.  Comedy Ensues.  To join the party, you can read your story on an up coming episode.  Just call the hotline:  865-4-TIM-SAX  in the United States.  You can also find us all the regular social media outlets.   If you loved us on Crave Online's "This is Really Happening"  you will love NEWS OF THE DOOMED.

Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Tim and Sax are back with more REAL people doing REAL stupid things in REAL news stories from REAL news sources.  This week:  Why free landscaping isn...
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The best pranks ever.  The worst way to get free porn.  A dumb place to smuggle drugs.  Dumb Burger King Employees.  How to alienate people at an Inte...
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Thanks to Blair Marnel, our favorite listener for this episode, provides stories.  You can too, y'know!  How not to tip your barber!  A stupid way to ...
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An encore episode of THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING from the archives.  Gross things at work.  Dog Poop.  Surfing in Chicago is a bad idea.  Especially in F...
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Real stories.  Real People.  REAL DUMB.This week:  Nudity and aligators.  Nudity and neighbors.  Pooping in Houston.  Assault with candy.  And the onl...
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Tim and Sax bring you real headlines featuring real people doing REAL stupid things.  This week:  A guy tries to cook breakfast for the cops in his fr...
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Real People.  Real News.  Real stupid.  This week:  Two of the weirdest beauty contests ever.  A fire in a very ironic place.  And a truck theft featu...
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Real News.  Real People.  Real Stupid.This week:  A guy in Germany who doesn't know when to quit.  What not to do on a job application.  Bad Spelling ...
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Bees (Pilot)

The boys present real stories ripped from the headlines of REAL NEWS OUTLETS.  This week:  bicycle theft and political correctness, illegal twerking, ...
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