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Welcome to the Nickel City Sportscast, where we delve into the local sports scene & discuss the current state of your favorite college & pro teams! Support this podcast:

Episode 8

After a brief hiatus we have returned with a BRAND NEW episode! We are once again joined by Jerry of Great Lakes Football Talk, as well as Drew of Spo...
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Episode 7

We are joined for the 1st time ever by Sports Talk Buffalo host Drew as we discuss the hiring of new Sabres head coach Ralph Krueger and our Post-Draf...
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Episode 6

Jerry and I breakdown the Bills Draft Class & Compare it with Our Picks from ep. 5's Mock Draft --- Support this podcast:
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Episode 5

The day we've all been waiting for is just around the corner ... the NFL Draft! Jerry and I partake in all the excitement by conducting our own 7 Roun...
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Episode 4

Jerry & I discuss the firing of Sabres head coach Phil Housley, NFL prospects YOU'VE been sleeping on and MUCH more! --- Support this podcast: https:/...
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Episode 3

Join us as we cover the fall of the Alliance, what's going with UB Basketball & is there a future for the NBA in WNY? --- Support this podcast: https:...
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Episode 2

Tune in as Jerry from Great Lakes Football Talk joins me to discuss everything from the AB/Bills Saga, the State of the Sabres, Nate Oats Departure & ...
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I sit down with Jerry from Great Lakes Football Talk to discuss & analyze the Bills Free Agency news --- Support this podcast:
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