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The hottest podcast around, the host Nick Newman has guests from the Professional Wrestling and Rock n Roll World. Every week is a new guest sharing stories about their time in these businesses. Nick has had some of the hottest guests in the wrestling and rock world. New podcasts drops every week and do not forget to leave a review!

Episode 186 w/ Eric Martin

Nick returns with a great guest. Singer Eric Martin from Mr. Big to talk all about the 30th anniversary of Lean Into It. Eric shares stories from the ...
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Episode 183 w/Mercury Yaden

Nick returns with another great guest.  Professional Wrestler Mercury Yaden comes to the show to discuss all about his wrestling school, wrestling pro...
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Episode 182 w/ All Good Things

Nick returns with another great guest. Nick is joined by lead singer from the band All Good Things. The discuss the success of the band, upcoming tour...
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Episode 181 w/ Immerser

Nick returns with another great guest. Nick is joined by John to discuss his new project Immerser, they discuss the new single, songwriting, influence...
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Episode 179 w/ PJ Farley

Nick is joined by amazing bassist PJ Farley. PJ comes to discuss all about his various projects, including joining Fozzy. Make sure to follow the show...
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