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Welcome to Night Swims, a podcast hosted by Two Idiots who think they know everything about mysteries, conspiracies, and strange phenomena. Tune in every week for a new topic as they learn, teach, laugh, and cry their way through each episode. With 51 episodes down and thousands of interesting and bizarre things out there, we've got no reason to slow down.

107--Ancient Astronauts

Hello there. Today we have a sort of a sequel to last episode about the Dogon people, with a few guests showing up and totally not derailing the show ...
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105--Atlantis Part 2

It's part 2. What more is there to say. Douglas is out of town so it's my time to shine. I will rule the world!
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104--Atlantis Part 1

Atlantis is a beautiful paradise resort in the Bahamas equipped with over---Oh wait sorry, wrong script. Atlantis is an ancient "lost civilization" to...
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It's Our 100th Episode!!!!!!

We did it. 100 episodes. Thank you to everyone for listening over the past 2 1/2 years, from the first episode to the 99th episode, we have enjoyed ev...
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99--The Alaskan Triangle

We're one away from 100 baby. This what we've all been waiting for, but for now we have to resort to this episode full of Canada, crevices, and other ...
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