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Cheryl's podcast talking about sciences, arts and entertainments in life.

Jeeves & Wooster in the Jazz Age (Part 1): Jazz and Flapper

Jeeves & Wooster中的爵士时代(上):爵士乐与摩登女 想到爵士时代,你能想到什么?是路易斯•阿姆斯特朗还是贝西•史密斯?是禁酒令还是flapper girls?是柯立芝还是阿尔•卡彭?是无线电广播还是林德伯格还是爱因斯坦还是还是斯科普斯审判…我可以一直一直报菜名下去,但在这新鲜、危险且...
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Tea Polyphenols - 001 New Books

Every month there will be a special episode called 'Tea Polyphenols' in honor of the great tea god (kidding). Today it's about newly published books a...
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