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No Good Deeds is a no-nonsense True Crime podcast where I delve into some of the most sickening crimes in modern history. I don't hold back on the gory details so listeners discretion is always advised. If you enjoy the podcast please leave me a 5* review, subscribe and share. If you have any feedback, case suggestions or just fancy a chat you can find me on Instagram @nogooddeedspodcast or you can email me at

Episode 11: Hello Kitty Murder

TW: Torture, Rape, Kidnapping, Abuse, Death, Dismemberment.    In Episode 11 I retell the haunting story of the kidnap and torture of Fan Man-Yee a 23...
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Episode 10: Heaven's Gate Cult

TW: Mass suicide, castration, and coercion.    In Episode 10, you will hear the story of Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, and they built the cu...
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Episode 9: Robert Hansen

This episode describes events that include kidnapping, rape, gun crime, animal death and murder.    Robert Hansen, dubbed the Butcher Baker by the med...
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Episode 8 : Katherine Knight

This episode describes events that include Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Murder, Cannibalism, Serious Assault, Child Neglect   Katherine Knight was ...
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Episode 7: April Jones

TW: Child Abuse, Child Murder, Kidnapping, Paedophile, Domestic Violence   In episode 7 I tell you the story of April Jones who was abducted whilst pl...
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Episode 6: Rodney Reed

This episodes discusses Rape, Racism, and murder.   In Episode 6 I will tell you the story of Stacey Stites' Murder.    But who done it? Is it Rodney ...
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Episode 5: Danny LaPlante

This episodes discusses topics such as, Stalking, death, rape, child murder and abuse.   In episode 5, I tell you the disturbing story of a young, tro...
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Episode 4: Rodney Alcala

Better known as the Dating Game here is the story of Rodney Alcala.  His known victims were aged between 8 and 32 years of age.  He is currently rotti...
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Episode 3: Robert Black

Welcome to Episode 3. Where I tell you the story of Robert Black.  He is confirmed to have murdered 4 children but expected to have been responsible f...
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Episode 2: Kelly Anne Bates

Welcome to Episode 2. Where I will talk you through the tragic death of Kelly Anne Bates.    Kelly, was groomed by a man more than 30 years her senior...
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