No Ordinary Nerd

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No Ordinary Nerd is a show about branching out in geek culture and trying new things. Our hosts challenge each other each week to try different things in TV, Film, Anime and Video Games and discuss the content. Try alongside them and you too can become a No Ordinary Nerd!

Streamer Spotlight: Daddy_Rev!

Streamer Spotlight: Daddy_Rev! We talk about the importance of playing what you want to play, why he started streaming, how video games bring people t...
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Streamer Spotlight: EnvyDuzIt

Streamer Spotlight: EnvyDuzIt We talk about how streaming helps him with his mental health, the one question every streamer has to ask themselves, bal...
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Streamer Spotlight: Andi_Luv

Streamer Spotlight: Andi_Luv We talk about “gettin’ Dubs and !lurk,” life as a variety streamer, being mentally ready to stream, her track “Pedestal,”...
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Interview with Highwind!

This week we hung out with Chris from Highwind! We talk music, his “anxiety anthem,” his console collection, how he stayed sane during the pandemic, a...
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Interview with Wrabel!

This week we hung out with Wrabel! We talk the new album, “bestie etiquette,” why it’s impossible for him to “sleep it off,” his love for vintage watc...
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Streamer Spotlight: Nasplay4fun

Streamer Spotlight: Nasplay4fun We talk about how she started streaming, “video games = yoga,” the one movie EVERYONE should have in their collection,...
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Interview with Clarity!

This week we hung out with Andy from Clarity! We talk music, “beach balls to the face,” his love for Yuna, Genshin Impact, the importance of finding y...
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Interview with Izza!

This week we hung out with Izza! We talk music, “needing to get away,” how music has helped her mentally, her love for Mario Kart, what she’s binging ...
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