No Other Doctrine

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No Other Doctrine is a live apologetics Bible answer show hosted by Pastor Scott Thom of Cross Christian Fellowship in Albuquerque, N.M. With our show and other resources we teach you to answer questions about Christianity and give Reasons for your faith. Topics include General Bible questions, Faith, Religion, Christian philosophy, Jesus, God, Cults, Theology, and so much more.

443 Question and Answer

Questions: 3:58 - How do I know that Christianity is true when there are so many religions out there? 24:50 - Is the Bible the #1 best selling book of...
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444 Question and Answer

Questions: 3:16 - How do I answer non-believers that believe in evolution? 18:48 - What does Romans 4:7-8 mean? 24:44 - Are the feedings in Matthew 14...
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442 Question and Answer

Questions: 6:28 - My mom is seeing a man who is taking advantage of her as well as stealing from her and the family, should I be honoring my mom's dec...
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441 Question and Answer

Questions: 7:06 - How do I know if Christianity is true? 11:33 - Is there a time to give up on a marriage? If so, is there Biblical evidence for that ...
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440 Question and Answer

Questions: 2:50 - Did you choose to be attracted to a women at some point or was that something that you at some point became aware of? Isn't homosexu...
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439 Question and Answer

Questions: 3:12 - What does righteous jealousy look like? 15:58 - How would I be able to talk to my science teacher about creation? 24:45 - Can you di...
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438 Question and Answer

Questions: 11:49 - Who is the Lord talking to and is He referring to what is going to happen to Sodom and Gomorrah when He says "shall I hide from Abr...
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437 Question and Answer

Questions: 10:20 - How do you know that our God is real? How can you prove His existence 14:44 - If God is loving, why would He send people to Hell? 2...
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436 Question and Answer

Questions: 1:38 - How do you know God is real? How can you prove His existence? 8:11 - What would you say to someone in the position of not hearing fr...
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435 Question and Answer

Questions: 2:50 -I think a lot of people have the opinion of Christianity or Christians being close minded, what would you say to people who believe t...
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