Nobody Asked Me But...

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"Nobody Asked Me But..." is a weekly podcast where DeSandies and her guests try to make sense out of nonsense, uplift people in the Black community, and celebrate the culture, through humor.

Black Men, You Are Worthy Of Love

Thanks For Listening! Visit our website, and join our mailing list! NEW THEME SONG PRODUCED BY CLIFF KEE! IG: @BASSCLIFF214, @KEE_CHANGE www.somethine...
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It's Been A Hell Of A Year

NBAMB SEASON 2 FINALE! Somethin'Els Rounds Out Season 2 by reflecting on what how crazy her year has been. ---> NEW MERCH IS OUT N...
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Y’all Are Wrong About Glitter!!

This Week DeSandies gives Mariah Carey’s movie “Glitter” all of the flowers, because the movie and the sound track is good, dammit! Visit us on our we...
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