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A true crime podcast dedicated to covering criminal cases in the Black community.

Cannabis & Crime

Happy 4/20! Tune into this latest episode where I chat with brand owner and cannabis influencer, TheYannabis. I also share the stories of Michael Thom...
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Love Crimes w/ StephanieKBG

Love makes people do crazy things! Stephanie's Socials: IG: @yeph.k IG Business pages: @allurestrands & @allureinstalls Twitter: @StephanieKBG Wine:  ...
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Minisode: Georgette Latrice Diggs

A young mother is murdered in her home, only a few feet away from where her children slept. Sources:
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Myron Timell Traylor

In the summer of 1988, 13 year old  Myron Traylor disappeared while on the way to his grandparents' house. Sources:
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Lisa Dianne Jameson

A young wife and mother disappears, and her case immediately goes cold. SOURCES: https://whereabout...
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Sakia Gunn

Trigger Warning: Lesbiaphobic and misogynoiristic murder of minor Sakia Gunn was a 15 year old lesbian who was victim of a hate crime in 2003. Despite...
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Stupid Criminals ft. StephanieKBG

This week I brought my sister on the show to discuss people committing crimes that they clearly didn't think all the way through. *** Stephanie's IG a...
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