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We are just some No-Namers, who started from nothing, that have something to say about anything and everything.

We Back !

We are back juans back from school and we trying to catch up sorry for being MIA but we back with it and still saying dumb stuff miss you guys hope y...
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Juan brings a very special guest and we get a rare insight into his new partnered life check i out subscribe WE BACK
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This week after a hiatus the #nonamerspodcast is back we talk about starting and how we would be treated in a cult we catch up after a while its aweso...
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Day Ones

After not doing the pod and then once doing it and not posting we get back to it its a heavy episode were we question our friendship why we are no lon...
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I GOT Hobbys

This week on the #nonamerspodcast we get toghether after a while talk about hobbys we are interested in and what we would like to get into but juan be...
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Journal Secrets

This week on the #Nonamerspodcast we read from a journal we take it back a few years and discover some secrets funny pod check it out
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This week on the #nonamerspodcast we talk about not being consistent putting up pod we talk about seeing an accident going up to santa barbara and bow...
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This week on the #nonamerspodcast we are joined by one of juans coworkers and the spill the tea on what happens in a casino check it out and subscribe
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This week on the #nonamerspodcast we talk about getting hot pot vibes shakras getting healthy getting out there collecting health rocks it a chill epi...
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